Tailored to the needs of your dog

Group Walks 


         £10 per hour       


Dogs are pack animals and enjoy socialising with other dogs; this is an important part of their development. Our group walks are a minimum of 1 hour long and give your dog the opportunity to play, explore and have lots of energetic fun within a small group of dogs.  These group walks will take place in a variety of locations such as parks, woodlands, moorlands and beaches.  At Mrs Mutt the safety of all dogs in my care is paramount and as such dogs will be assessed during their first few walks to ensure they will cope well as part of the group. Dogs will only be walked off lead with your written consent and once I have assessed their recall to be good. Please note that dogs will be walked for a full hour and may be out much longer than this to account for pick up and drop off times or sometimes we might just be having too much fun!




Solo Walks 


              £8-£10 per walk                        

   For some dogs, group walks may not be suitable.  Young, old or very nervous dogs may benefit more from a solo walk.  This would involve me taking your dog out on it's own or with a second dog from your home for a 30-45 minute walk.  Individual walks will be tailored to the needs of your dog and can be as high or low energy as required. Solo walks may also be suitable if you work shifts and you require your dog walked outside the normal lunchtime walks or perhaps if you would just prefer that your dog is not walked as part of a pack.  The solo walks may also be used as a starter walk for dogs who need a little bit of socialisation before being integrated into a group walk.  




Puppy Visits


 £10 for 2 visits 


Puppy visits are suitable for puppies who are too young to join the Mrs Mutt gang on one of our walks.  I can provide a puppy visiting service where your puppy will receive two 20 minute visits through the day. During each visit your puppy will receive lots of play and cuddles and, if suitable, a small walk in your garden.  If you wish for your puppy to eventually graduate to the Mrs Mutt group walks then, once your  pup is fully vaccinated, I can begin to socialise your pup on small walks with a carefully selected dog from the Mrs Mutt gang.  

* Discounts are available for multiple walks per week and for a 2nd dog from the same household. 


** Other pet services may be available on request please feel free to contact for more information. 


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